dpi or ppi for jpg to pdf conversion

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dpi or ppi for jpg to pdf conversion

Postby amoswright » 2007-02-04T10:02:22-07:00

Hi, I am trying to do a batch convert of jpg files to pdf files. I want the pdf output to have a dpi of 360 (I'm trying to make a photobook). When I convert the jpg files using:

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convert $f -units pixelsperinch -density 360x360 $f.pdf;

I get a small image in the lower left corner of the pdf file. The jpg files were previously converted to uniform dimentions using:

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convert $f -resize 2970x2250 -size 3330x2610 xc:white +swap -gravity center -units pixelsperinch -density 360x360 -composite $f.jpg;

(I tried running the above doing a direct convert to .pdf, which produced a blank document...).

Any advise on how to produce the desired pdf output?
Thanks much!

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